How do I get an User ID and Password?
As long as you agree with the conditions, you can send us a mail with all your details. We’ll contact you within 24 hours and after verification of your details, you will receive your unique and personal Login and Password.

I’ve forgotten my Login / Password
Please contact us: photodesk@sportfoto.nl

How does the Sportfoto.nl image bank work?

Click on the text ‘Sign in’ (top of screen). A new window will open where you can fill in your Password and UserID . (Don’t you have any userID and password yet, please apply for one first). After your details are verified you will enter the Sportfoto image bank. You will than have access to all images on the image bank. It’s possible to look and search.

If you’re using ‘Search’ to find a specific picture or subject, you will have to fill in the keywords. If you want to download the picture you can click on ‘download this picture’. You can only download 1 picture at a time.  

I’m looking for a specific picture and cannot find it.

Please send me an e-mail, dior contact me on my mobile +31(0)6 51 86 13 53 and I’ll help you out to find the picture.

How much does publication of a Sportfoto.nl photo cost in my media?

That depends on your type of medium, the method of use, circulation and size of publication. For example a quarter of a page, half page, full page and 'cover' usage have each different fees. To receive a price list for your specific medium, please send me an e-mail: photodesk@sportfoto.nl

Must I pay for each download?

It depends on the agreements we made. It’s important that Sportfoto.nl knows how the photo is eventually used in your medium. As our client you’re obliged to report the manner of publication and space size within 30 days by e-mail: photodesk@sportfoto.nl . You must also send us verification by way of sending the publication free of charge to: Soepenberg Fotografie  Loofgang 28 7609 ZR ALMELO Netherlands . I will independently check publication in the media and compare them with the downloads to avoid any misunderstandings.


Am I allowed to fit the picture into a space of my choice by cutting out/cropping?
Yes. Most of Sportfoto.nl pictures are digitized with extra room left around a subject or the action in question. The advantage is that the person who’s looking for a specific picture can crop the photo himself to his own needs and liking. Experience shows that a photo required for a cover or a spread should not be too closely cropped. Sportfoto.nl leaves that up to you.

Is a subscription for use of Sportfoto.nl images possible on a yearly base?

Yes, that’s possible and it could be in your interest. When you subscribe for an agreed amount (fee) you can use all images from my image bank (limited or unlimited depending on the agreement) for your specific medium or agreed period of time. Feel free to contact me an I’ll explain you the possibilities and provide you whit a personal quotation. 

How good is the quality of Sportfoto digital pictures?

Most of the images in the Sportfoto image bank are digitalised in a size of ± 16 Mb with a resolution of 300dpi. The pictures are in JPEG- format compressed to a file of ± 2-3 Mb. The quality of these pictures is sufficient for publication on a full color page and glossy magazine spread, poster formats,?.

What name credit must appear with the published photograph?

At all times the name "©Sportfoto.nl" and/or ©Photographers name/Sportfoto.nl must appear. You receive this information (CREDITS) on the file info with each picture. (IPTC info).

After using a Sportfoto.nl image what must I do?
Within 30 days of the publication date you are obliged to inform Sportfoto.nl. The best way to do so is by sending an e-mail to photodesk@sportfoto.nl stating the subject of the photograph, event, name, etc.,) the file name of the photo, size used and manner of publication. Also you should send (at no cost to us) an example of the published work to

Soepenberg Fotografie 
ATT: Dick Soepenberg
Loofgang 28


How is a Sportfoto.nl photo allowed to be used?
All pictures from Sportfoto.nl image bank, can be used in all media such as newspapers , magazines ect....pricing depending on the kind of usage, size, printing,colour,country,.....